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Not everyone can truly appreciate the intricacy, intention, and artistry of something. But those who possess that particular discerning eye are the ones who genuinely recognise its worth. This sanctuary awaits you to discover.  - ARQ10

> ​A few minutes from Brighton College Bangkok and Wellington College Bangkok

Location: Rama 9 - Krungthep Kreetha / MAP
Year: Ongoing 2023


Status: Open for private viewing. REGISTER


The Secret of Beauty
lies in its intricate details.

Discover the pinnacle of contemporary luxury in our carefully crafted urban residence. With meticulous attention to detail, ARQ10 furnishes a space that perfectly balances form and function, fostering a calm and contented life. Embrace your authentic self and trust in life's beauty while you relax and unwind.

TROP : TERRAINS + OPEN SPACE  reinvents the idea of a serene green area, no longer bound to the ground. It's an ideal spot to unwind in the evening, offering an uninterrupted 360-degree view while savouring a bottle of wine or preparing a meal with the stove and cleaning sink readily available.

A breathtaking view from a secluded basement, exclusively accessible to the owner and royal guests, where sunshine and fresh air await. It's the perfect space for a sophisticated cigar or wine party, a toy collection room or even a family theatre room—a welcoming space crafted by IDIN Architects.

Indulge in the many hidden details that await discovery in your private heated pool, located adjacent to the centre courtyard living room on the 3rd floor. This thoughtfully-designed space is a remarkable example of the seamless coexistence of form, design, and function, creating an exceptional experience.

The grand room serves as a warm and inviting reception area for your guests on various occasions, whether it's for private banking matters, discussing business deals before descending to an underground wine cellar and cigar room, or simply signing day-to-day documents.

The Primary Living Room: a private living space where true relaxation awaits without any distractions. Immerse yourself in tranquility as you enjoy the slow bar, where you can host a bottle of wine and indulge in the quietude of a peaceful evening. This dedicated space offers an ideal retreat for unwinding and savouring moments of serenity.

Full of attitude. Step into a world where every corner is a canvas of creativity, every room pulsates with personality and urban living is elevated to an art form. Welcome to The ARQ10 M-House, where design isn't just a concept; it's a way of life, and attitude isn't just a word; it's a statement. 

Let curiosity be your guide.

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The Secret / Only Real Ones Know

Only you can find out.

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The Facts





5 Storey House

470 SQ.M.

3 Bedrooms

5 Bathrooms

3 Parking

1 Maid Room

Rooftop Garden

Pool & Lift


6 Storey House

615 SQ.M.

4 Bedrooms

5 Bathrooms

4 Parking

1 Maid Room

Rooftop Garden

Hidden Basement

Pool & Lift


The Secret of


ARQ10 is a hidden ultra-rare gated private residence that transcends conventional design standards, prioritizing the quality of space rather than the size, welcoming you to a journey of refined and sophisticated living.

Our Collection

An undisturbed sanctuary immersed in nature, where subtle luxury resides within every inch of the space. Schedule a visit today.

The Floor Plan

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